Transfer FIFA 20 Points to FIFA 21

We got many questions regarding if it is possible to transfer your FIFA Points for FUT 20 to FUT 21.

YES, it is possible.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Get the full version of the game
  2. Install it on the same PSN/Xbox Live/Origin Account you had FIFA 20
  3. Open the Ultimate Team mode on FIFA 21
  4. IMPORTANT: A pop up will appear and EA is going to ask you whether you want transfer your FIFA Points from FUT 20 to FUT 21. Agree on this!
  5. Now your FIFA Points will be transferred and you should see them on FUT 21.

Simply make sure you actually agree to it otherwise the FIFA Points will be left on FIFA 20 UT.

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Keep in mind:

You can only transfer the FIFA Points if you have the full game installed on your Xbox, PlayStation or PC. It won’t work with the FUT Companion or Web App alone. Don’t get confused about it. Also, don’t start to worry about it if you don’t see the pop up to transfer the points. Basically, it is the same old procedure like last year. Nothing to worry about.

Yes, we do agree: It is quite annoying to be able to transfer the points only if you run FUT 21 on the full game. The problem with this is: The FUT Web App gets released around two weeks earlier than the full game. This means you could spend your FIFA Points to buy packs in order to get some players first. Also, you should know: You won’t be able to buy FIFA Points on the FUT Web App.

However, there is an actual solution for this problem. You can use the FIFA 21 hack, which is available in several different languages, to generate free coins and points. They will be added to your account just after a few minutes. In this way you will be able to get free coins and points any time you want. You don’t even need to possess the full version of the game. All you need is an existing club in the game.

On here you can find the FIFA 21 coins hack, we wish you lots of fun!

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