Getting ready for free FIFA 21 coins and points

Are you ready to get free FIFA 21 coins and points for Ultimate Team? Just in a few days, the game will release for everyone who got EA access. Of course, we also got the FIFA 21 hack ready for you. With our help you will be able to get free coins and points on your PSN, Xbox Live, Origin, and also for your Switch!


Your chance to succeed!

Having the best possible team right from the beginning is probably the best thing you can do. Why? The great players are limited in the beginning. No TOTS, TOTY, TOTW or any other cards. At this time it is incredibly difficult to have an awesome team because there are only a few players with 90+ overall. Most of them are FUT Icons. Generate free FIFA 21 points and coins and open as many packs as you like. Your chance to get icons and other great players will be much higher then!

You will have a massive advantage over any other gamer. You don’t have to spend any money and you won’t need to take any risks. Using the FIFA 21 coin generator is by far the best choice any player can take! By the way: The FIFA 21 hack is available in several different languages.

unlimited fifa 21 coins and points

It also works for the FUT Companion and the Web App

If you don’t have EA access to get the game before the official release you can also use the FUT Companion or the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Web App on in order to get yourself free FIFA 21 coins and points. Actually it is super easy to use. Simply choose “other” in the online generator. If you already got the game on your Xbox, PlayStation, or on the PC you can choose your correct platform. Yup, it is important you choose the correct platform, otherwise, you won’t receive the items on your team.


Will the free FIFA 21 coins and points be transferred to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X?

Yes, of course. If you already have them in your club while playing on PS4 and Xbox One they will automatically be transferred to the new console. By the way: Your team will also be transferred to the new generation of the Xbox and PlayStation, so don’t worry about it!

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