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Is it your first time you came across the FIFA 21 Generator? We are going to show you how to get free FIFA 21 coins and points without risking to get your team or account suspended.

Important notice

Every single year the FIFA Ultimate Team hack gets released just a few days after the official release of the game. Thanks to EA Access it is even possible to release the hack before the official game release. Usually, a few groups from Korea and Russia are developing or better to say updating the FIFA coin generator. We are just translating it into English and other languages to make it accessible for even more people.

unlimited fifa 21 coins and points

What to consider before using the hack

  • You don’t need to download the FIFA 21 Coin Generator
  • You can use it any time
  • The main game should be closed and not run in the background
  • No one asks for your password or security question
  • Proxies are already implemented into the game
  • Encryption methods are hiding your IP, username and club ID

How does the FUT 21 hack work?

Well, if you think someone will gain access over your club or even your whole PSN, Xbox Live, or Origin account you are wrong. Electronic Arts have several databases for their online games. These databases are huge because there are so many gamers. What the FIFA 21 generator does is simply connecting to the database, looking for your unique ID and changing certain values. It is really hard to describe, but since there are so many players who are also playing online the values are always changing. It is like one big room with millions of people, some are just standing (offline) and others are doing something (online). The FIFA coins and points are constantly changing because the online players are using them or earning more of them. The hack simply changes the number of coins and points for your account. Nobody needs your password or anything. You only have to make sure to provide the hack with your correct username.

fifa 21 coin generator hack

No risks for you

So many gamers are online at the same time. Literally every blink of an eye the number of coins and points is changing. Do you think it is possible for anyone to figure out if you just generated a few million coins or not? Definitely not. There is no way someone is going to see you generated free FIFA coins. The database is just too enormous. Also, it seems like EA doesn’t really care. They probably earn too much money already. The game is full of glitches and bugs. Their servers are not really working well. So many problems and they don’t get fixed. It is actually hilarious. They earn billions but can’t even fix simple bugs.

Take advantage of this ridiculous situation and generate free FIFA 21 coins and points!

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