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Get the best players on FIFA 21 UT for free

Imagine you could get players like Cruyff, Messi, Ronaldo, and Maradona for free in your Ultimate Team. Sounds weird, right? Absolutely not. The FIFA 21 hack for the PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, and PC will help you to basically get any player you want. Here is how it works!

Unlimited coins and points

Let me ask you a question: What do you think is the most important factor when it comes to having success on Ultimate Team? Not your skills, not your experience, no, the in-game currencies are! You can basically “purchase success” by having an incredible number of points and coins. If you have the best possible players it will be much easier for you to succeed in the game. This is not an exaggeration. Think about it for a moment: If you got Pele and Maradona upfront it will be much easier for you to score than you have Martinez and Lukaku in the attack, right? And exactly that’s the problem in FUT.

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With the FIFA 21 coin generator, you will be able to get the greatest players, including the popular FUT icons, and dominate the whole game. Your chance to win matches will skyrocket! No joke, we had a pretty good team before and could get 20 wins in the FUT Champions Cup. After using the FIFA 21 coins hack and getting incredible players we could get up to 28 wins every weekend. It really helped us a lot.

If you want to become a professional FIFA player and participate in eSports tournaments you should really consider using the FIFA 21 hack. It will definitely help you to become more successful, win more matches, and have more fun.

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Use the FIFA 21 points generator asap!

We never know when EA is going to update the game. At the moment the FIFA 21 hack for free coins and points is working perfectly fine. However, it could be possible they are changing the database or doing other magnificent changes to the game. If this is the case it could take us weeks or maybe months until the FIFA 21 coin generator works again.

You got basically nothing to lose by using the hack. If you don’t trust it or think it is a scam you can just make a new 2nd account on FUT or PSN and give it a try first. Once you received millions of free coins and points the only thing you will regret is you didn’t use the FIFA 21 hack earlier. Don’t wait too long!

At the moment the FUT 21 hack is available in many languages such as Italian, Spanish or French! Give it a try now.

Useful FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Cheats

If you are searching for FIFA 21 cheats on Google or YouTube you are very likely to find big magazines like IGN, Gamespot and so on giving you advice on FUT 21 cheats, but are they really helpful? We don’t think so.


Guide, tips and tricks or real cheats?

Before you start looking for cheats you should ask yourself, whether you want to get free FIFA 21 coins and points or if you just want to have more skills in the game. Well, it is up to you, but the decision is important because free coins and points will help you a lot in the game. While the gameplay itself might change from patch to patch. We recommend you to use the online generator first and then move on to normal guides for the game. In this way, you will have a great team first and you can still use the coins and points for whatever reason you want.

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They never write about the FIFA 21 coins hack

Did you ever see an article about the FIFA 21 hack, not only this year, but also the previous years? No, you haven’t. They are acting like it doesn’t exist. Even YouTube, Twitch and also Instagram are full of videos from people who actually successfully used the FIFA 21 coins hack. I am wondering how can it be possible they just keep their mouth shut? No reaction. They don’t address the hack. Why? There is more than enough proof. Also, they are not really critical when it comes to pay to win. They could literally help millions of players worldwide, but why don’t they do it? My personal conclusion is: They want gamers to spend their hard-earned money.

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What is going on?

The enormous problem with big gaming magazines is they are depending on the publisher and the publisher are depending on the magazines. The more reputation the magazine got, the more they depend on them. Gamer are reading their reviews and afterwards, they decide whether to buy the game or not.

Do you remember FIFA 18, FIFA 19 and FIFA 20 got extremely good reviews? While the gamers hated the games, which were full of bugs, glitches and pay to win. How comes there is such a big difference in the opinion between the magazines and the gamers? Well, you can guess why. It is highly corrupted. These magazines are not objective at all. They are not trying to help you understand the game. No, no, they gave FIFA 18 a great review while the game itself was absolute trash.

Most Common Methods for free Coins

You don’t want to use the FIFA 21 hack for Ultimate Team, but you still want to earn coins? Well, this is a pretty tough road my friend. Prepare yourself to spend a lot of time or even money. In this article, I am going to cover some alternative ways on how to get free FIFA 21 coins and points without using the FIFA 21 coin generator.

FIFA 21 Auto buyer

Auto buyers and similar bots have been around for a few years. They are helping you to find great deals such as players, which are listed on the transfer market under their actual value. The FUT 21 auto buyer is going to buy the player automatically. After this, you will be able to resell the player for an even higher price. Seems legit, but EA is on a mission to delete and ban auto buyers and their users. You should be careful.

fifa 21 autobuyer
We don’t recommend you to use a FIFA 21 auto buyer.


If this would be FIFA 14 I would call it a great method, but unfortunately, it is not. In FIFA 21 it is quite hard to earn A LOT coins by trading. It doesn’t mean it is impossible, but there are just so many bots like the auto buyers, which make it incredibly hard for a normal guy to find great deals. It is pure luck and you will probably spend lots of time searching for great deals. However, you can make decent coins by checking potential SBCs, getting players with high demand, and so on. Think outside the box and you will make a decent amount of coins. It won’t help you to earn millions of coins, but it will lead you in the right direction!

Playing matches and tournaments

The most time-consuming method. In order to succeed in the FUT Champions Cup or in Division Rivals you have to play many matches. Every week you will get rewards in the form of packs or coins. Don’t choose the packs, especially not the untradeable ones. They are not helpful and you don’t have any control over what players you will get. Mostly you will get useless players. Choose the coins and you have full control over what you can do with them. By the way, you need lots of patience and nerves to deal with the gameplay and other players. It can become frustrating really fast. If you don’t wanna play online you can play the Squad Battles in order to compete with the crooked CPU.

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Spending real money

This might be the easiest legit solution for everyone who wants to get free FIFA 21 coins in a fast way. You have to spend your real money on FIFA Points, use them to open FUT packs and then you are selling the players. Yes, you need lots of luck. The more luck you got, the less money you have to spend. Just keep in mind there is a specific drop rate in every pack. Sometimes the chance you will get an awesome player is less than 1%. It is a very uncertain method but used by most players. It is also quite an addiction to keep opening packs to see if you are being lucky or not. We don’t recommend it to you.

Personally, we know many gamers who are spending thousands of dollars just for FIFA Points and they are not being lucky at all.

We hope we could help you to make a decision. Don’t forget to share this article if it helped you. If you prefer to use the FIFA 21 coin generator you can learn how to get started.

FIFA Ultimate Team Hack on PlayStation, PC and Xbox

Are you looking for a method to earn free FIFA 21 coins and points on Ultimate Team? You have several opportunities, but only one of them makes sure you don’t spend an excessive amount of time and money on it. The FIFA 21 Ultimate Team hack can be a real fortune for everyone, who is looking for a legit method to get more points and coins effortlessly.

The easiest and quickest method

Trading? Playing matches or tournaments? Using FIFA Points? You have several methods to earn coins and points, but all of them require luck, time, and sometimes real money. In order to get a large amount of FIFA 21 coins, there is one method, which beats them all. The FIFA 21 coin generator online is probably the most popular tool right now. Why? Because it lets everyone generate a sick amount of items with zero risks. Everyone is going to envy you, everyone will ask themselves: “How did this guy get Maradona, Pele, and Ronaldo in one team?” Once you have the points and coins you can literally do whatever you want.

But do you think it is all about the players? No, it is how you use the players. A strong team will make it a lot easier for you to compete with other teams. Especially in the FUT Champions Cup, it is necessary to have the best team possible. See how your winning streak is increasing from 17 matches to 25 matches or even more!

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Get all the players you ever dreamed of

Most of the gamers are buying FIFA Points and start opening sets. They hope they are lucky enough to get rare and awesome players. Unfortunately, they mostly get disappointed. You can spend hundreds of dollars just for Goldsets, but never get a great player. What you will receive are mostly average players, contracts, and other consumable cards like fitness, attributes, or positions. It shouldn’t be like this. You should not rely on EA. They are literally emptying your pocket. Instead of this you could run the FIFA 21 coin generator and never need to rely on luck again. Open thousands of packs without spending any money. You won’t care and you won’t be disappointed anymore!

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How reliable is the FIFA 21 UT hack?

Are you wondering if it is actually legit to use the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team hack? Well, it is! This generator is existing for such a long time already. It is a dream come true for everyone who is ambitious enough to build the strongest squad on FUT 21. Usually, it won’t take longer than five minutes until you receive the free coins and points in your team. Of course, it also depends on the servers and how many people are using the FUT 21 hack. As you might know, the EA servers got some trouble sometimes, so, we can’t guarantee if it only takes five minutes or a bit longer, but we can definitely tell you will get the coins and points for Ultimate Team. It doesn’t matter if you play on the PS4, Xbox One or PC.