About Us

Who are you guys?

An international group of gamers and fans of the game. We all met in the FIFA subreddit. What do we want? Just help our fellow gamers to get free coins and points in the game. Unfortunately, FUT became a real pain in the last few years. We want to give you the chance to get unlimited items and the best players. It is absolutely possible to use the FIFA 21 coin generator without any consequences. You won’t get banned! Guaranteed!

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Did you develop the FIFA 21 hack?

No, we didn’t. We only translated the FUT 21 hack and made it accessible for players from all over the world. We don’t tell you the original source, because it is a secret. We know EA is reading this. They probably know it already tho!


Why you don’t show your face?

Probably because we are interrupting a billion-dollar industry, which already “bought” journalists, streamer/gamer and also parts of the football delegation. How else do you think it is possible EA gets “exclusive rights” for some football leagues? FIFA has been absolutely terrible in the past few years. Not only the pay tow win aspect but the whole gameplay. It is absolutely not safe for us to show our identity. Media would attack us because they are not neutral. You guys have to understand all the gaming magazines are not writing in the interest of the gamer but in the interest of their own.

Need an example? How come FIFA 19 and FIFA 20 got such great reviews from several magazines? While these games were destroyed by the community. Take a look at the Amazon reviews for example. You will see what we mean!

If you got any questions you can simply message us by using the contact form here.

If you want to learn how the FIFA 21 hack works you can check out the how to page.

Also, make sure to take a look at our blog and other cheats!

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